Wedding Dresses of 2018: Trends and Brand New Things

Written by main bridal shop Dubai “Vanilastudio”.

Wedding fashion remains perhaps the most traditional fashion in the world. However, at the same time designers try to offer something new every year. Let’s find out what wedding dresses will be popular in 2018, and what fashion trends and styles will be in vogue.


What Types of Wedding Dresses will be Popular Next Year?

The upcoming year will be rich in simple but spectacular dresses and elegant outfits. All variations of silhouettes will be presented. But fitted styles will be considered the most sought-after in the upcoming year. In addition, bell dresses, A-silhouette, cascading and straight dresses will be presented on the wedding market.

The shape of the neckline will be very diverse; this detail of wedding dresses tends to be in the first place. Many open models will be available. Carmen gowns that are rare in wedding fashion will be presented next year.

The bottom of wedding dresses can have different shapes, various silhouettes are popular: they may look like “A” letter, tail of a mermaid, and so on. Very lush skirts in “white swan” style will be also in trend.


Novelties and Trends

What is worth choosing in the next season, what interesting things have the designers prepared for us? First, it is a peg-top silhouette with a cut in the middle. It looks very elegant. What is the advantage of this novelty? This is an opportunity to emphasize the hips and create a beautiful silhouette. It should be noted that these dresses have no relation to Mermaid style gowns.

Also, the decor in the form of white feathers and fur will be in trend next year. These decorations look unusual for wedding dresses; they have been a rarity for recent years.

Also, you will see Lingerie Look wedding dresses in many bridal salons. These dresses look very gentle and light, almost aerial. They require a special approach to the choice of bridal accessories and the main thing here is not to go over the top.


Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace will be very popular in the upcoming season and will be actively used in decoration elements. Dresses made entirely from this material will be also presented. Models of the dresses may be very different – lush, tight, and straight. Most of dresses will be with a usual skirt (not with a fluffy one). The lace pattern comes to the fore.


Fashionable Colors in 2018

Despite the fact that colored wedding dresses have always been popular, in 2018, there will not be a lot of them in bridal salons. A pure white color has taken the first place in almost all collections. Its shades may be different, but it still remains the main color of weddings.

Shades of white can be in a yellowish or bluish spectrum. You’ll also see such tints as “champagne”, “ivory”, “snow queen”, “eggshell”, very light beige, “snowy”, and “sparkling white”.

In addition, many famous designers have presented black dresses or dresses with black elements. Silvery-white color can be called one of the novelties. Some dresses are decorated with paillettes and shiny elements. Because of this, they shimmer and shine like a mirror. Such dresses are in the minority, but they are interesting.

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