Watching the Best Wayang Kulit Bali Indonesia in Ubud

Bali is known for its lovely beaches, but there is one thing that many people missed from this place. It is the wayang kulit Bali Indonesia. Yes, Bali is one of those places in Indonesia that is considered as the origin of the shadow puppet. Because of that reason, this place has its own interesting point related with the shadow puppet. If you are in Bali and you want to watch the shadow puppet performance, you can simply go to Ubud. That is because this place can be considered as the centre of the shadow puppet performance in Bali. As an addition to that, there are also some other reasons why you might want to watch the shadow puppet performance in Ubud Bali.

  • The first reason is because there are more than three shadow puppets performances that you can watch in a week if you are in Ubud. This is something quite unique since this place has about four to five shadow puppet performances in a week. As the result, you will not need to worry if you missed one performance since you can simply attend another shadow puppet performance in another day.
  • The second reason is that the performance is not limited on the weekend only. It is something common that many shadow puppet performances are held during the weekend since this kind of traditional performance will usually take more than five hours to finish. However, if you are in Ubud and you watch Bali shadow puppet performance, you ca watch it on the weekdays. Of course they have the weekend performance too, but that does not stop the locals to give you the shadow puppet performance on the weekdays. This is something that you will not want to miss.
  • The third reason is because there are two main spots that you can visit if you want to watch the shadow puppet performance in Ubud Bali. They already have the specific schedules for the shadow puppet performance, starting from the day to the time and location. Most of the time, they will hold the shadow puppet performance in the area of Monkey Forest and Oka Kartini. You just need to check on the schedule so that you can visit one of those places based on your personal schedule.


You need to know that Ubud is considered as the centre of the traditional performance such as the shadow puppet performance and the traditional dancers so that you can make sure that this place will offer you a lot of nice traditional performances. For your information, most of the performances hold on the weekdays will not take a long time because they have to do some other things on the weekdays. However, the weekend shadow puppet performance in Bali will usually take the longer time. Sometimes they can go all the time until morning. Therefore, this option can be the perfect option if you want to spend your late night trip if you are in Ubud Bali during the weekend.




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