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Tips for Ensuring You Buy the Best Bed Sheets

Getting sleep at night and waking up refreshed has a large part to do with the sheets that you are using. If your sheets are uncomfortable, you’re going to toss and turn all night long. If your sheets are comfortable, you’re going to have a peaceful night of sleep and wake up energized in the morning. Let’s see what you should be considering when shopping for sheets so you can ensure you get the most comfortable ones that fit your needs.


This should be your first consideration as the material makes more of a difference than the thread count that you get. You should have an intended purpose in mind when it comes to picking the right fiber. If you’re looking for a more wrinkle-resistant and durable material, than a blend of cotton and polyester is going to be your best pick. If you are more worried about a soft touch and quick absorbance of sweat, then pure cotton sheets are going to be your ideal fit. If you want sheets that stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, you may want to opt for a linen fabric. You can see more benefits of linen sheets at the website here.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to the feel of your bed sheets are the weave that you purchase. If you purchase the run of the mill sheets, you’re going to most likely receive sheets that have a plain weave. This means the horizontal and vertical weaves are woven in equal numbers. Percale weaves are known for a crisper feel and last longer than other weaves. Sateen weaves boast more vertical threads than horizontal ones. This makes them softer but they won’t last as long as other weaves.

Read About The Finish And Dyes 

Manufacturers are known for using chemicals to put a finish on their sheets. These chemicals are intended to help the sheets from wrinkling, shrinking or losing their shape. While these may be good qualities, these can be unwelcoming sheets to those who have a high sensitivity to allergens and chemicals.

The color of the sheets or their pattern is a result of dye. Most non-expensive sheets are dyed a certain color after they are woven together. This can make them feel stiff and require you to wash them multiple times before they start to feel soft. Other sheets are woven together with dyed yarns, which makes them softer, to begin with.

Don’t Get Caught Up On The Thread Count 

One of the main factors that individuals tend to use to judge the quality of new bed sheets is their thread count. The truth is that the thread count is not the best determining factor. This is simply understood by explaining that an 800-thread count sheet made of low-quality material is not going to be more comfortable than a 300 thread count sheet made of high-quality material.

When you are thinking of investing in a new set of bed sheets it’s an important decision. You should use the tips above to ensure you get the best fit for your needs. Don’t just settle for the first sheets you find in your color as it’s very likely they won’t fit your other needs.

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