Picking Out Earrings for Any Outfit

Earrings add a nice touch to any outfit. A well-chosen pair of earrings can help draw attention to your best features and make you feel more confident at the same time. When deciding on the right kind of earrings, it makes sense to consider many factors. A good pair of earrings should look well with the colors of the outfit, work with your other jewelry choices and be easy to wear. Color and texture are also important. Brighter colors look good with outfits in neutral colors. A pair of earrings in a neutral color also pairs well with brighter and more subdued color schemes. Many people today love to have a series of colorful earrings on hand in order to match each outfit each week.

The Size of the Earrings

As is true of many kinds of jewelry, earrings come in many different sizes. Larger earrings may reach from the pierced part of the ear to the shoulders or even below. Smaller earrings may be so tiny they are barely visible. In between sizes typically hang down about an inch or so from the ears. Longer earrings are ideal as a statement piece. Long, dangling earrings are best when not paired with any other jewelry that might otherwise fight for attention. Medium sized earrings work well with other kinds of jewelry and can be paired with a larger bracelet and statement necklace. Very small earrings are best for a casual outfit with no other jewelry when understatement is key.

The Base Material

Another important thing to think about when thinking about earrings is the base material used. As you’ll learn when you click here now, earrings are made of many base materials. Some earrings are fashioned from precious metals like silver, gold and platinum. Other earrings may have a base made from other kinds of materials like nickel or plastic. It’s important to think about the base of the earrings before buying them or using them. Make sure the base does not irritate the skin. Many people wear earrings for a long period of time when outside. The earring base should rest against the earlobe easily without causing pain yet also keeping them from falling down.

Using Color Well

In general, it is best to have a wide variety of color choices when picking out earrings. Brightly colored earrings with precious stones like rubies and emeralds are ideal for an outfit meant for a night on the town when you want to get fancy. Consider matching the earrings to the shade of your eyes. Women with blue eyes look great in sapphires. Darker semi-precious stones like amber and onyx are perfect for women with brown eyes. A well-chosen pair of earrings can serve as a base when picking out an outfit for the day. Start with color and then think about the other elements of the earrings like the length and the material used. You will get a totally polished and put together look.


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