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Fall Nails Designs for a Wedding Day

Wedding means a lot for all women as it is a fresh new beginning of their life. Whether you plan to have your wedding soon or just dream about it, consider every detail carefully to make each and every moment of this ceremony memorable. Have you choose the theme of the wedding, style of your wedding dress and accessories? What about your nails? Red and white are official nail colors of all brides but there are also various nail art designs available and worth a try. White lace, rose, snowflake are just a few of creative patterns that can be applied to your nails. If you need more ideas for your wedding nails, is the collection of best ideas.

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Fall wedding nail designs should create that calm, laid back feeling of warmth and safety. Combining the matte orange tone with the same shades of metallic will be perfect for this purpose.

Inspiring Wedding Nail Designs

Wedding nails may not be too bright to scream for attention but for sure they are sweet and soft-looking. Like this soft pink with the combination of few sparkles added for the greater effect.

Sparkling Wedding Nails

Autumn is an inspiring season even when it comes to your wedding manicure. Do not be afraid to mix light white shades with darker grey ones. To go even further, add up few sparkly leaves.

Warm Burgundy Colors for Your Wedding Nail Art

Going all burgundy may be a little too much for a wedding. But dissolving it with soft matte pink and sparkles is totally appropriate. Moreover, it is more than unusual!

Gorgeous Nail Ideas for Luxury Brides

When you aim at luxurious nails for your wedding, be ready to spend hours at the salon. But the outcome will be totally worth it. Just look at this perfect combination of gold, neutral, and rainbow hues!

Beautiful Fall Wedding Nail Designs

Sometimes to look beautiful you have to step away from the common. Just like this fade from a dark red glittery shade to a simple light pink matte base. Beautiful, unique, and fabulous!

Amazing Wedding Ideas for Fall

Stiletto nails, despite the length, can look so soft and feminine that it is difficult to take the eyes off. This pink glitter tipped soft pink design is nothing but adorable!

Elegant Wedding Nails for the Groom’s Mother

As you welcome a new member into your family, be the epitome of elegance and grace, with whimsical nails for a wedding.

  1. Chrome and Gold Wedding Nails

Nothing says regal and elegance like gold and chrome. Gold highlights work well with any shade; chrome looks elegant when paired with the perfect colors. You can go for vertical, slanting or horizontal stripes, or one entire nail coated in shiny gold.

  1. Easy Nails for a Wedding

Look fun and whimsical with this 60’s style of polka dots. Go for fun, light shades, and white dots. Avoid black wedding nails; light colors are in. Look breezy and cool with this understated, yet beautiful look. You can go for small dots, or dots of varying size as well.

  1. Wedding Nail Stickers

Indulge in stickers or wedding nail decals for a quick makeover which looks classy and takes minimal effort at the same time. You can opt for flowers, lace, and intricate patterns, or go for bold, monochrome designs. Go crazy; surreal is in! Pick one color from the theme, and make that your primary focus. Build on variations of that shade and choose from a wide range of stickers. The top coat is very important while applying stickers.

Things To Remember

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing and applying your wedding nail designs.

  • Whatever designs and patterns you choose, caring for your nails using proper nail care tools and equipment must be your primary concern.
  • Indulge in a professional manicure for beautiful, supple nails.
  • Soak your nails in soapy water and scrub away for a DIY manicure.
  • Remember to moisturize, as dry nails can become brittle. You don’t want broken nails on a day like this! Apply some primer or a base coat for added protection.
  • Don’t forget to let your nails breathe for a while; wait for a few days after you remove the polish to reapply another design.
  • Have a stock of fake nails for wedding and nail cleansers for emergencies – if something untoward happens, you can always wear gloves or go natural.
  • Don’t neglect your feet and toenails! Get a foot spa done or try a DIY foot spa yourself!

Bridal Nail Art Supplies

Here are a few nail art supplies that you can use to create your wedding nail designs.

  1. Wedding Nail Decals

These nail decals make for some super simple bridal nail designs. Try plain ivory wedding nails with these nail decals for a blend of elegance and funk.

  1. Stamping Plate Wedding Nails Designs

This stamping plate is designed for a dreamy wedding look. You can either use it as accent nails or as a whole nail stamping set. Don’t forget to use your top coat to avoid the art from chipping.

  1. OPI Wedding Nail Polish

The OPI Mimosas Mr. & Mrs. is a part of the OPI nail polish wedding collection. This color is a nude with a subtle pink to it.

  1. Bridal Nail Polish Colors

The Diva Bride nail polish from China Glaze comes in a very light pink, making for the perfect blushing bride appearance.

  1. Wedding Toe Nail Designs

Of all the wedding pedicure ideas, this idea is my favorite as it involves ready-made nail art that just needs to be stuck onto your toenails. However, do not skip a proper foot cleanse before using these fake nails.

  1. Bridal Gel Nails

If you are more of a gel nail polish person or are looking for a nail polish that won’t chip for a long time then try out this gel polish in the shade ‘Crystal Avalanche’.

  1. Sparkly Wedding Nails Rhinestones

These rhinestones can be used on your nails to decorate your nails and call attention to your fingers. Plus, they look super cute on french nails.