Color of Wedding Dresses in Different Countries of the World

White wedding dress as a symbol of purity and chastity gained a popularity in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria. At her wedding with Prince Albert the queen was wearing a white lace dress that was unusual for that time. The wedding of these famous persons popularized white wedding dresses all over the world. Until that time, brides often dressed in differently colored dresses. Red wedding dress was famous among European brides those days too. Today, according to statistics, most brides choose a traditional white wedding dress. Nevertheless, some countries’ local traditions change our understanding of what color should be wedding dress.

Japan and China

Japanese ladies get married in a traditional silk kimono. During various ceremonies, the white kimono is changed to red and white attire, with various ornaments embroidered with silver and gold. Cranes prevail on the ornament. At the Japanese wedding, a palette of flowers can be varied, only violet is excluded, as it leads to divorce. Chinese brides get married in red wedding dresses, as this color symbolizes good luck.

India and Thailand

Indians know well what the bride’s dress should look like. Silk red, green and yellow saree, richly embroidered with gold, is especially popular Indian wedding attire. The wedding wardrobe of the Thai bride contains is more than ten outfits of different colors, one of which must necessarily be white. The bride should change clothes several times during the wedding celebration. Due to such transformation she amazes the guests. Black color on the Thai wedding is excluded, it should not be presented neither in the dresses of the guests nor in the bride’s attire. Thais consider black color with death and mourning.


Korean wedding dresses are sewn in red, pink, green shades. They must be skillfully embroidered with exotic butterflies and flowers. Often, colored tapes are sewn to the dress, which symbolize luck for future spouses.


A traditional Mexican wedding dress combines elements associated with the Spanish heritage. The brides wear complex dresses with frills and flamenco elements. Silk crocheted lace is very popular. Bride also wear a jacket-bolero. The main feature of the Mexican bride is modesty.


In this country brides choose a yellow color. According to popular beliefs, it can protect from an evil eye. Green color promises good luck. Dresses are made of silk and satin, adorned with sequins and embroidery.

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