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The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Hypnosis is an old healing method that is safe, gentle and efficient in minimising stress and help get to the cause of the emotional issues that can affect a profound change in a person’s life. During hypnosis, a person enters a state of mind that can be compared with a delightful fantasy, a relaxed, focused concentration. A person under hypnosis appears like they are sleeping but hey actually focused on what is happening in their mind, with their body feeling deeply relaxed.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or the QHHT typically involves undertaking a past life regression. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was pioneered by Dolores Cannon 45 years ago. QHHT takes you to the most appropriate time and place to handle their questions, concerns and health issues in your life.
Past life regression involves a person being regressed and guided through an appropriate past life from the first view, throughout the various periods of life all through to the death scene. The subconscious will select what part of past life to show through the help of the QHHT practitioner. The past life that the subconscious chooses to show a person is always significant to their current life. It is a common thing to find multiple past lives coming up during a single hypnosis session.

The subconscious is quite instrumental in the success of this technique as it knows much about a person and the lives they are living now. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner is, therefore, supposed first to ask the subconscious the questions that an individual has about their life. Getting this info on behalf of the individual is essential to the healing aspect of QHHT as it provides them with comfort, support and an understanding of many different areas of an individual’s life. The subconscious will only choose to give information that is useful at the time and one that will benefit the individual.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis allows one to take time out from their everyday life, and to get in touch with things that one is normally unaware of in their busy task-oriented life. The healing technique “slows down” a person allowing them to take care of things. The QHHT practitioner will guide you through the session and ask you the right question and record all the information for you to listen to later.

The benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis can be measured in line with life satisfaction, emotional healing and increased spiritual awareness. One can also experience their perception of time and time becomes their friend as one begins to look forward to each day with a solid anchor in the present moment.

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